An English Woman Conquers The German Podcast Scene

Charlotte Roche is a star. For the first time, the Englishwoman caused a stir in Germany on one of the most popular music TV channels. On VIVA 2, her unusual interviews with superstars such as Madonna and Robbie Williams caused astonishment. Her interviewing brought her not only numerous awards but also the title Queen of German Pop Television. The London-born artist came to Germany via the Netherlands and started her career here, which includes countless successful stations. After hosting talk shows and a career as a bestselling author, Roche embarked on an entirely new path. She started a podcast that focused on her relationship. As usual, she hardly knew any limits here either.



People knew Charlotte Roche as a moderator. But it was only her debut novel Wetlands that made her a superstar in Germany. The book broke all sales records and catapulted the young author to the top of the bestseller lists for months. Several successors cemented her reputation as an open-hearted author who does not seem to know any taboos. Roche also brought this reputation to bear in her latest project in 2019. The Paardiologie podcast focused on the relationship between Charlotte Roche and her husband Martin Keß. Without shame or taboos, the two publicly discussed their most intimate problems in numerous issues. The open marriage experiment once again caused a massive rustle of leaves in the German media.

Open, Honest, And Direct

For an hour each, the two spoke in 15 episodes about their 15-year relationship. They hardly left a topic out. Roche and her partner talked about desperation, freaking out, betrayal, alcohol, and arguments at Monopoly. The emotional roller coaster was not surprising; after all, the beginning of this relationship started with a drama. Roche had just had a baby, and Kess’s partner was expecting a child. At this point, the two fell in love and knew that a real hell would follow. But they survived that time. The stories are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes therapeutic, but never dull. This serialized novel turned out to be ingenious, banal, and at the same time romantic. Never before had a couple dissected their relationship so publicly.

Surprisingly, the man in the background became the star of the podcast. Martin Keß is a co-founder of the successful German film production company Brainpool. On the PR photos for the podcast, he still hid behind masks and hands. But the faceless partner showed himself in the podcast as a man full of self-irony. He worked through his calm voice and his openly shown love for his wife, Charlotte Roche. In April of this year, the couple finished their acoustic experiment. They demonstrated that a long-term relationship can still be exciting. The couple, who had to go through numerous ups and downs, found a way for themselves to deal with the difficulties of everyday life. Part of the responsibility for this was undoubtedly their culture of conversation and the ability to speak openly. Charlotte Roche has given the podcast scene a new impetus and has once again proven itself to be an innovator.


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