Building a Career in Radio Broadcasting – Radio Enthusiasts

With the advent of social media, the internet, and media platforms like YouTube, a lot of today’s youth considered profitable careers that are connected to hip new media platforms. Few teenagers are considering traditional media such as radio broadcasting as their careers. Many are under the opinion that these platforms may be old-fashioned already or in the danger of disappearing entirely.

However, these assumptions are not entirely accurate as researchers and consumer statistics indicate that although online radios may take on their share of audiences, communities will still rely on their local radio station. Just think about farmers and taxi drivers, admittedly a considerable size of the population always gives importance to radio and radio broadcasters. There are various careers that you can consider entering when it comes to the field of radio broadcasting. You can even consider these careers if you are interested in the workings of a Ham radio and the technical side of radios.

Radio Announcers

Not unlike the TV announcers and newscasters that people watch during breakfast, a career in being a radio newscaster or announcer is still viable. Many people who have driving careers, such as the mentioned truck drivers or taxi drivers, rely on the radio for relevant news reports and updates. When there are natural disasters or calamities, radio announcers are very much depended upon to relay the news to the affected populace.

Becoming a radio announcer or broadcaster requires a bachelor’s degree in Radio broadcasting or Media Studies. In addition, people who succeed in this profession have excellent communication skills, music knowledge, and voice quality. Those who have radio technical skills are also a big market as they can fill the shoes of an announcer, especially during times of demand.

Radio Disc Jockeys

If you are not that interested in giving your community the hottest news and updates, you can opt to become a radio Disc Jockey (DJs) instead. Most of the time, they play popular music that is favored by the listeners. Besides, some DJs who garner a large number of audiences also get to have their radio shows like those that advise callers or retelling personal stories sent by listeners in between playing heartfelt songs. It is advisable when thinking about becoming a radio DJ to study Radio broadcasting, Technical Radio Studies, Media Studies, or Music Production. The makings of a great DJ may need a pleasing personality, music production skills, and social media know-how.

Promotions Assistant

Like other forms of media, radio can also be used as a marketing tool, that is why radio careers also include doing promotion activities. The main job of a promotions assistant includes coordinating events and contests for promoting sponsored products and services, station representation at local events, and holding contests and taking care of awarding the prizes. These also include promoting the technical side of radio contests to work with ham radio enthusiasts.

Promotions assistant employees state that essential requirements for this job include having outgoing personalities, excellent communication skills, video editing skills, technical knowledge of radios and social media expertise.

Sales Assistant

Sales assistants are also concerned with marketing and promotions in radio stations. Their jobs include brainstorming ideas with the sales team, doing market and audience research, prepare advertising plans and account proposals, and presenting sales pieces to the station committee. They generally take on the executive and financial side of running radio stations. This job will need you to take on a bachelors degree that concerns Business, Marketing, or Finance as they would give the necessary skills and knowledge for sales and administrative work.


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