Find Your Podcasting Niche

Podcasting is, without a doubt, one of the fastest growing broadcasting mediums alongside streamable video content and social media. It seems like everybody is starting a podcast these days, ranging from football fanatics to comedians to published novelists. Topics can vary drastically, taking in the latest popular TV dramas, musings about modern life and analysis of the world of pro poker players. However niche the subject, you can bet that there’s somebody out there who will want to listen to it.

So, how do you make yourself stand out from this populous and diverse crowd? The answer is in pursuing what you’re most interested in – true fascination and dedication from a podcast host can do wonders for engagement stats. If you have a genuine interest in your material, this will come across to listeners and they will respect you for it. After all, nobody wants to listen to a host drone on about something they have absolutely no curiosity around.

If you’re really stuck for an angle, we’ve come up with some general ideas to get you started. Once you’ve identified your wider subject area, remember to narrow it down further in order to find something distinctive and individual to you.

Studio for podcasting

Studio for podcasting


One of the easiest topics to delve into is entertainment. Most everybody on the planet engages with mainstream media in some way, whether that be via television, film, books, magazines, social media or, indeed, other podcasts. The key to exploring this area is finding something that holds an authentic attraction without getting lost in the sea of other people talking about the exact same thing. For further inspiration from the entertainment sector, try Buffering the Vampire Slayer and The West Wing Weekly for conversation around classic television, or How Did This Get Made? for the deconstruction of some of the worst films ever released. Perhaps the best part about taking this route is consuming all of the media necessary to produce a well-researched show.


With the current boom in mobile gaming happening and the recent release of the new Xbox Series S and X along with the Playstation 5, gaming is big news. Again, it’s a topic that many people are interested in – perhaps even more than you would think. Forecasts predict that, by 2023, mobile gaming alone will have revenue in excess of $100 billion, whilst online gaming via PC and consoles continues to grow as a prosperous market. Successful apps like Fortnite Mobile, websites like Poker Stars, and console games like Animal Crossing have enormous followings who would be more than happy to tune in to a regular podcast about their favourite game. Just listen to popular examples such as What’s Good Games and Game Scoop for concrete evidence of the fact.


Outside of their downtime, people are thinking about work time and personal productivity more than ever before. As opportunities to work from home or work remotely increase, people are discovering that time management, organisation skills and staving off procrastination are all harder to achieve than they first seem. Classics like The 5AM Miracle Podcast, Beyond the To-Do List and The Productivityist Podcast have converted thousands to their optimised way of thinking and approaching tasks, helping listeners to pick up good habits and pursue their biggest goals. With a firm emphasis on positivity and sorting out your priorities properly, these podcasts prove helpful in all areas of modern life.


Podcast making

Podcast making

Whether you work in a creative career path or you’re looking to escape from the drudgery of the working world, creativity is something that everybody can get involved with. Podcasts exploring inspiration, motivation and creative block are some of the most listened to. Both hobbyists and professionals alike enjoy listening to experts and fellow creatives talk about the realities of an artistic existence, and there’s room for you in this scene too. The great thing about choosing a universal subject matter is that, no matter who you are or what you’re talking about, there will be a central common theme that most people relate to. Check out Creative Rebels or Creative Pep Talk to see what we’re talking about.


Whilst we might be focused on being more productive, having more fun, becoming more creative and staying up to date with the world during the day, it can be hard to switch our brains off at night-time and fall asleep. Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and body, and sleep podcasts are here to help. Whether you prefer curated nature sounds, whispered bedtime stories, meandering pointless conversations or sleep meditation, there is something out there for everyone. If you can crack this market with a new idea, then you are onto a winner. Once a listener finds a sleep podcast that works for them, they are likely to remain a regular subscriber and recommend the show to everyone else they know.


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