Preparing for A Radio Society Contest – Part 2

Participating in a radio contest requires intense preparation work that you have to be prepared for. While amateur contest participants choose to take part in contests that are smaller at first, it is probably the best way forward for them to gradually gain confidence in themselves and the work that they can put into their skills and software. Participating in contests help radio enthusiasts become better at managing the signal, noise cancellations and most importantly, it helps them get better with concentration.

Logging is Everything

Many of the amateurs who are delving into the world of radio, use a computer for their signals and frequencies. Log keeping is easier when you have a computer handy. There used to be a time when people would use the traditional pen to paper to log. The runnings score, multipliers that are required and working dupes are all managed by a computer these days, thanks to technology. The software that is used to log is brilliant these days as well. They automatically update any serial numbers and establish a great connection to record and monitor your frequencies. If you change bands midway, you don’t have to change the frequencies everytime as the computer will look after it for you. These days, technologically you can even operate a station using your mobile phone or a DIY Raspberry Pi. Contestants and organizers find it much easier to manage the log submissions when computers are used as well.

There are many contest logging software that is available in the market these days. Out of the lot there only some that are much favored by the professionals. These are:

  • DxLog
  • N1MM+
  • WinTest, and
  • Writelog

There are also several websites that you can find information about the programs that you will need for contests and other supporting files. These websites are similar to Contest Recording, Call Check, DX Cluster, etc. There are also user forums that have enough information that will help you set up the log correctly. Setting up the logging software is an essential part of the process. Once it has been done correctly, it is a simple breeze to be able to change stations and frequencies in a jiffy.

The best logging software that most people use is the N1MM+. There are a ton of websites and information portals in setting it up effectively. The features on the software are also straightforward to use, and this is probably the prime reason why most loggers prefer it. Irrespective of your choice of software for logging always remember to ultimately try and test it out before you enter the contest. Familiarize yourself on how you work the software, and you will find that you can set up in a breeze. Log in dummy contacts and see if you can use it efficiently. Practice is vital and cheats sheet are what is going to help you get to the finish line quicker.


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