Why Should Radio Enthusiasts Participate in Contests

Radiosport, also known as radio contesting is something that everyone enjoys. The primary objective to be achieved in these competitions is to earn as many radio contacts as possible which are determined by the scoring method of the competitions. Some connections may be worth more than others, and during the competition, you may come across ‘multipliers‘. Other than for the contacts, there is much more you can expect to get out of the contests. Depending on the motive you have, you will find that the exposure gives you more than you sign up for.

What’s All the Talk About

It is encouraged to take part in these competitions because a lot of the radio activities are generated from contests as the participating radio stations on air is high. You can work a log of stations in a short period. Radio contests are primarily, competitions which you can compete against strangers, or you can have a faceoff with your best friend to see who has the highest score. Are you one of those who thinks you’re your brightest star in a competition?  Well, you can compete against yourself by setting a goal and trying to reach or beat your high score. Operating awards including Worked All States (WAS), DX Century Club (DXCC) can be achieved by participating in radio contests.

What is in Store for The Winner

Listen carefully and remember them next time you compete in a contest. Read the rules so you can figure out contest exchange needed to complete a contact. Not all contacts can get you contest credit, as some contests have only a few contacts which contribute to the total. This is why reading the rules is important because you wouldn’t want to contact a radio station that doesn’t add to contest credit and some contesters might event get annoyed if you weren’t meant to call them.

If you’re a beginner, tune in to different stations and look out for the phrase ‘CQ Contest.’ This means that you can call them.  The technique is popularly known as ‘search and pounce.’ You can even call a CQ Contest yourself, however, bear in mind that it is one of the most inefficient contests. Avoid transmitting avoidable information because time is key. Use Search and Pounce technique to find a station that advertises for a ‘CQ Contest’ or ‘QRZ Contest.’

Wait for the right time to say your call sign if the other stations acknowledge, Bingo!

Lastly, make sure you have a contest logging software. It doesn’t matter if you are even doing it for the sake of it. If you want to win any radio contest, you will need it. A free and very user-friendly choice is N1MM software. The software will help you save time as it will keep track of all the stations you’ve visited and in case you try to enter one you already have visited before, it will alert you. It will also update your scoreboard in real time as it is familiar with the contest scoring. It compiles your result, making it easier for you to submit them after a competitive competition. It’s not necessary to have a logging software, however, it is highly advised.


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